About Us

Founder Dee Tenorio didn’t start off in web design. In fact, she had fantasies of growing up to be a fashion designer. But life often sends us in unexpected directions and she discovered digital art, falling hopelessly in love with code. (Don’t laugh, it happens!)

Combining her artistic nature with her OCD-ish tendencies, Dee began a journey into the joys of HTML, CSS, Flash and Photoshop. Before long, she was freelancing, doing writing, code and flash novel trailers for over two years with Stonecreek Media, Inc. Occasionally aided by her graphic designer husband, Ten Tenorio–a designer with over 15 years experience in logos, print and apparel–Dee expanded her skills to include complete website and WordPress design.

When the freelancing started to look like a career, Dee decided it was time to be professional…and Laideebug Digital was born!

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